Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8

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Mata Pelajaran            :  Bahasa Inggris

Kelas                           :  VIII  (Delapan)

W a k t u                      :  90 menit




  1. Karno : You seem to be very busy this morning

Suti    :  Yeah, I am. I am moving these flower

pots to that side.

Karno :  ………………………

Suti    :  Oh, that’s very kind of you. Thank you.


  1. Is it okay if I am here ?
  2. Can you help me ?
  3. Would you need any help ?
  4. How about this pot ?


2.      Rossa  : Are these flowers all yours ?

Dinda  : Yes, they are. I plant them and I water

them everyday.

Rossa  :  ……………….

Dinda  : Thank you. I like to do it. It’s my


  1. What looks so bad
  2. They looks so bad
  3. You are very deligent girl !
  4. The flowers are very fresh


3.     Rizky   : Mother, look I got 9 for English test.

Mother : Really, ………………..

Rizky   : Thanks, Mom

Mother : I’m sure you can get 10 for the next test

a. Good luck                   c. Wish me luck

b. Congratulation                        d. Good morning


4.     Susi   : You have a lot of things to do today.

Yoen :  Yes, as usual

Susi   :  ………………

Yoen : No thanks. I’ll try to do it myself. It’s my


  1. Would you do me a favor ?
  2. Let me help you, then
  3. Let me leave you alone
  4. Is it your daily activities


5.    Karman : Where you going, Karmin ?

Karmin  : I am going to the post office.

………….. to go there ?

Karman : Oh, sure. Here it is

Karmin  : Thanks, Karman.


a. Where is it

b. Do you have any stamp

c. Will you post my letter

d. May I use your bicycle




6. Father  : Akmal, come here please.

Akmal : Yes, Dad

Father  : Buy me a pack of cigarette, please

Akmal : Allright, Dad

What does the underlined expression mean ?


a. Apoligizing       c. Asking for permission

b. Introduction      d. Giving instruction













When will the birthday party take place ?

a. At Tati’s house                 c. At Dita’s house

b. On October 14th               d. At 4 p.m


8. How old is Tati when she celebrates her birthday


a. Twelve                              c. Fourteen

b. Thirteen                            d. Fifteen












a. drawer                                 c. table

b. chair                                                d. door


10.  a. have your lunch                     c. watch TV

b. play games                             d. do homework







11. Read the announcement for question 11 and 12










a. Students                  c. Basketball members

b. Teacher                    d. The team coordinator


12. When will the meeting be held ?

a. next week                c. on Sunday morning

b. next match              d. on Sunday afternoon



Questions 15 to 18 are based on this text.


 Raflesia consist of two parts : the stick like part which grows in the middle and the petals around and below it.

The Raflesia plants begin to flower in its tenth year. It blooms three or four time a year. Before is blossoming, it has a specially green files. They seem eager to explore the flower. But if the files touch the buttom part of the stick like centre, the die.













  1. Why the Raflesia is unusual ?

Because of its ……………


a. colour                        c. discoverer

b. smell                         d. large size


  1. Who discovered Raflesia Arnoldi ?


a. Sir Stamford Raflesia           c, Arnoldi

b. Beccary                                d. Scientist


  1. 17.      ”While the flower is blossoming, it has a very unpleasant smell …..”

What does the underlined word mean ?


a. Very nice                  c. Very sweet

b. Bad smell                 d. Odorless


  1. What is the main idea of paragraph 3 ?
    1. Part of Raflesia
    2. The size of Raflesia
    3. The discover of Raflesia
    4. Raflesia produced unpleasant smell


The text below is for question 19 to 22


Once upon the time, in West Java, there was a young handsome man fell in love with a beatiful woman. His name was Sangkuriang. The women, he fell in love with was Dayang Sumbi.


One day they were having a date in front of Dayang Sumbi’s house in the forest. Dayang Sumbi caressed Sangkuriang hair tenderly. When she was doing it she found a scar on his head. She asked Sangkuring about the scar. Here’s what he said, “When I was little boy my mother beat me with a wooden spoon”. “Why your mother beat you?” Dayang Sumbi asked, “because I killed Tumang a dog”, Sangkuriang answered.


Dayang Sumbi was very surprised at that time and said, “So you are my son ! It’s unbeliveable ! It’s possible for me to be in love with my own son”. “No, it’s impossible that you are my mother, Dayang Sumbi. She must have been very old now.


Sangkuriang kept unbelieveable in Dayang Sumbi and he has very eager to marry her. Dayang Sumbi accepted it under one condition. Sangkuriang had to create a lake and a boot only in a night. Sangkuriang agreed it die to her love with her.


Before the work finished, Dayang Sumbi vanished. Sangkuriang was very angry when he knew it. He kicked the boot as strong as he could. The boat fell down in north of Bandung with the upside – down. That’s why people there called it “Tangkuban Perahu” which mean the up side down boat. Now it is a name of moment there.


  1. Where did the story happen ?

a. In Central Java         c. In West Java

b. In Central Bandung d. In East Java.


  1. The word “he” in text refers to ……………

a. The dog                    c. Si Tumang

b. Father                       d. Sangkuriang


  1. Who is Tumang actually in the story ?
    1. Sangkuriang’s father
    2. Sangkuriang’s friend
    3. a god
    4. a common dog.


  1. How does the story end ?

a. Suspending               c. Sad ending

b. Happy ending           d. Absurd.


Arranges the jumble words into a good sentences


UsuallytheeveryKartini daywe

1           2         3               4              5

21st of Aprilcelebrate

                            6                             7


a. 5-7-2-3-4-6-1           c. 3-6-4-5-1-2-7

b. 5-1-7-2-4-3-1           d. 3-1-4-6-2-7-5


24        Which one has the best arrangement ?


Letterlast frommy friendaweek

1          2         3             4           5        6


7            8

a. 8-5-2-3-1-4-6-7        c. 2-6-3-4-5-7-1-8

b. 7-1-2-3-4-5-6-8       d. 8-7-5-1-3-4-2-6


25.       Arrange the jumble sentences into a good paragraph !


  1. This animal is very cute
  2. It looks like a bear
  3. I have ever been seen Panda at the zoo
  4. It comes from Chine
  5. It has black and white fur


a. 1-3-4-2-5                 c. 2-3-4-1-5

b. 3-1-2-4-5                 d. 4-1-5-2-3


26.       Combine the jumble sentences into a good paragraph.


  1. I was very afraid
  2. Suddenly I saw a tiger just about 5 metres in front of me
  3. Then I screamed as loudly as I could
  4. As I woke I saw as loudly as I could
  5. My mother came and hold my hand


a. 3-1-6-5-2-4              c. 2-1-4-3-6-5

b. 4-2-6-5-3-1              d. 2-4-5-6-3-1


27    It is a cockatoo. It is about 2 years old. It is amazing bird. It doesn’t only sing but also imitates say. It is smart animal. It always says “hello” when someone comes.

What kind of the text above ?


a. Recount                   c. Description

b. Narrative                 d. Procedure




28.   Teacher : have you copied the notes from the

White board student ?

Student  : ………………….


a. No, I don’t                  c. No, we don’t

b. No, I haven’t               d. No, we haven’t yet


29.   X  : Why do you come late

Y  : Because ……………..

  1. I got up late this morning
  2. I get up late in the morning
  3. I look for my books
  4. I want for my friend


30.   Susi        : Hello, what are you doing here ?

Friends   : We are doing wall magazine, would

you like ……….. ?

a. Joins us                        c. Joined us

b. Joining us                    d. To join us


Part of the plant


A plant is green living thing which cannot move. The main parts of  a plant are root, stem, leaf, seed, etc.

The root is part of  the plant’s which is underground. It absorbs water from the soil and supports other parts of plant. The stem is the main support of the plant. It grows branches to transport water upwards to the leaves. It is also a store for food.

A leaf is usually flat and grows on branches. The main function of it to produce food from the sun’s energy. Most plants are green and have leaves. However, not all the plants are green and have leaves. There are some plants that are not green and they do not have leaves, for example a cactus.

A flower is a part of plant that is specialized for reproduction. It will cause fruits and seed to grow. Seeds a capable of producing a new plant.


31.   What part of the plant produced food from the

the sun ?


a. root      b. stem             c. Flower         d. leaf


32.  The main support of the plants is

a. stem      b. seed             c. flower          d. root


33.  Which paragraph explains about the part of  plant

that are used for reproduction ?

a. 1          b. 2      c. 3      d. 4


  1. What is the root for ?


  1. for producing food
  2. for growing the leaf
  3. for absorbing water from the soil
  4. for transporting the food


35. What does “it” on “the main function of it is ..

…………” refer to ?

a. leaf        b. stem             c. root              d. seed




36. The word “seed” means ……………


a. akar        b. batang         c. Daun            d. Biji


37. Do you mind ………. me a flower ?


a. to pick   b. to picking    c. picking         d. piks


38. Nanda  : Could you do me a favor ?


a. Yes, what                      c. Yes, you could

b. Oh, I don’t know          d. No, problem


39. Excuse ………. Could you help me ?


a. you        b. he    c. me    d. I


40. Rini   : I need some roses, do you have any ?

Anna : Yes, here ……….


a. Are you sure                  c. They are

b. You are                         d. Are they






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