Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris SMP kls 7

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Subject              :  English

Level                :  International Junior High School (RSBI)

Class                 :  VII (seven)

Time Allocation : 90 minutes

1.   Rifka           :  Hello, …

Debi            :  Hi, I’m Rifka. Nice to meet you

Rifka           :  Nice to meet you, too.

  1. My name is Debi b. Is she Rifka

b. Are you Debi                    d. Her name

is Rifka


2.   Rano is visiting Mr. Samsu in his office. He

comes there at 7.00 in the morning

Rano           :  …

Mr. Samsu   :  Good morning. Are you the new


Rano           :  Yes, I’m

Mr. Samsu   :  Please sit down.

a.   What’s your name?      c. Good morning

,     Sir !

b.   Are you Mr. Samsu  ?   d. Hello

, Mr. Samsu !


3.   Anita           :  Excuse me. Ms. Selly. Where is

the biology book, please?

Mrs. Selly    :  It’s over there.

Anita           :  Thank you, Mam.

Mrs. Selly    :  …

a.   It’s okay                    c.  That’s right

b.   Never mind                d.  You’re welcome


4.   Mrs. Santi    :  Hello. Are you the new student?

Ben             :  Yes, Mam. I am.

Mrs. Santi    :  And your name is…?

Ben             :  Ben, Mam.

Mrs. Santi    :  Ben. Is that it?

Ben             :  Benedict, Mam.

Mrs. Santi    :  How do you spell it?

Ben             :  B E N E D I C T.

Mrs. Santi    :  Right. … Benedict.

Ben             :  Nice to meet you too, Mam.

a.   How do you do           c.  How are you

b.   Nice to meet you       d.  Glad to meet you


5.   Santi           :  Hi Tasya. How’s life?

Tasya          :  Very well, thanks. Who is with

You, Santi?

Santi           :  Meet my new friend. She’s Nisa.

She is my classmate

Tasya          :  Hello Nisa. Glad to see you

Nisa            :  Glad to see you too, Tasya.

What is the dialogue about?

  1. Telling someone
  2. Describing someone

c.   Greeting someone

d.   Introducing someone


6.   Zaky           :  Hi, I’m Zaky

Nazwah       :  My name’s Nazwah

Zaky           :  Nice to meet you, Nazwah

Nazwah       :  Nice to meet you, too.

What does the dialogue tell you about?

  1. Introducing yourself
  2. Introducing someone else
  3. Asking someone`s condition
  4. Answering someone’s condition






7.   Jack            : Bye, Mom. I’m going cycling.

Mom           : Wait a minute. Clean your room

before you leave.

Jack            : What do I have to do?

Mom           : …  your clothes. Make your bed.

Put your books back on the shelf.

Empty the wastepaper basket.


Jack            : Okay

a.   Hung up            c.  Throw up

b.   Bring on            d.  Hang on


8.   What does the picture mean?

a.   Drink mines

b.   Don’t drink mines

c.   Mines is healthy

d.   Keep mines


9.   Harry          :  What’s the matter?

Andy           :  I have the hiccups.

Harry          :  Hold your breath.

Joe             :  Drink some water.

Ken             :  Eat a piece of bread.

Andy           :  It’s okay. The hiccups are gone.

The underlined words showed us …

a.   the agreement   c.  the instruction

b.   the offering       d.  the apologizing


10.  Andi     :  Do you know our new friend,


Jack      :  No. I was absent yesterday.

Andi      :  She’s beautiful, she comes from


Jack      :  Is she fair and tall?

Andi      :  Yes, she is. Besides, she has long


Jack      :  Does she have a blue bag and

black shoes?

Andi      :  Yes, how do you know that?

Jack      :  She is my neighbor.

Who is Kristina?

  1. She is Jack’s ald friend.
  2. She is Andi’s new friend.
  3. She is my new neighbour.
  4. She is Andi’s and Jak’s new friend.


11. Refa            :  Do you know that acid and base

can be identified by taste and


Ruth             :  Yes, but they are not safe ways.

Refa            :  Why do you say that?

Ruth             :  Because some of them are

poisonous and corrosive.

What can be identified by taste and sour?

  1. Acid and base.
  2. Poisonous and corrosive.
  3. Acid and poisonous.
  4. Base and corrosive.


12.  What does Refa want to do?

a.   To inform acid and base.

b.   To ask acid and base.

c.   To explain acid and base.

d.   To describe acid and base.


13.  Jessica        :  What do the people use to

measure something in the past?

Riri            :  They use part of their body such

as fathoms, span, and step.

Jessica        :  But, they are not standard

because they have different part

of their bodies, are they?

Riri             :  Yes you’re right. So they found

the standard measurement called

International System such as     meter for length, second for time, and kilogram for mass.

Jessica        :  I see, thanks.

What does Riri want to do?

  1. To ask about the measurement.
  2. To describe the measurement.
  3. To explain the measurement.
  4. To find the measurement.


14.  The last people used part of their body …


a.   to get                            c.  to measure

b.   to make                        d.  to do


15.  John           :  Excuse me, Sir. I’m sorry for

being late.

Teacher      :  Why are you late?

John           :  I got into traffic jam.

Teacher      :  You have to leave home earlier

next time.

John           :  Yes, Sir. I promise not to be late


Teacher      :  Now, sit down.

John           :  Thank you.

Teacher      :  ….

a.   By all mean.      c.  Don’t worry.

b.   Not at all           d.  Never mind.


16.  Sarah         :  I’m awfully sorry. I forgot to

bring your dictionary

Dini             :  … . I can borrow it in the library.

Sarah          :  So, let’s go to the library.

  1. Don’t mention it.
  2. It doesn’t matter.
  3. Don’t be angry.
  4. It’s very nice.


17.  Teacher      :  Come here Rendi. Where’s your


Rendi          :  … , Sir. I left it at home.

Teacher      :  Promise to submit it tomorrow,


Rendi          :  Yes, Sir. I’ll do.

a.   I’m sorry           c.  That’s a good idea

b.   It’s too bad        d.  Excuse me


18.  Mr. Robby   :  Excuse me, is this principal’s


Mrs. Anna    :  No, it’s teacher’s room.

Mr. Robby    :  … where the principal’s office is?

Mrs. Anna    :  Certainly. It’s upstairs, right

above this room.

Mr. Robby    :  Thank you.

Mrs. Anna    :  You’re welcome.

  1. May I help you
  2. Could you tell me
  3. Can I show you
  4. Do you want to know


Read the text to answer questions 19 to 21.

Hello! My name is Rob Fellows. I come from Dundee. A town on the east coast of Scotland, but I’m a student at Durham University, in the north of England. I’m studying French and German, and I can speak the languages quite well. I also know little Spanish, so I can speak four languages. I’m enjoying the course a lot, but it’s very hard work!

I live in Durham Castle, because the Castle is part of the University, with about thirty other students. The course started two years ago, and I’m in my third year. After the course I’m going to work in France, but I don’t know where yet.














19.  Rob can speak these languages below except

a.   German             c.  Spanish

b.   English              d.  Dutch


20. What’s Rob going to do after course?

a.   To learn in Spanish.

b.   To study in England.

c.   To enjoy in Germany.

d.   To get a job in France.


21. Rob Fellow is … student at Durham University.

a.   a lazy                c.  a diligent

b.   a dull                d.  a discipline


From no. 22 to no. 28 complete the sentences and change the verbs in the brackets into the correct forms!


Hello! My name (22)_________________ (be) Teresa and I (23)____________ (collect) posters. My brother Andy (24)___________(make) model aeroplanes and (25)__________ (fly) them in the garden. They often (26)________________(crash). The walls of my room (27)___________ ( be ) full of posters and the garden (28) ___________ (be) full of broken aeroplanes!

  1. 22.       a. is                              c. are                             d. be


23         a. collects                     c. collect

b.collecting                   d. collected


24         a. make                                    c. made

b.making                       d. makes

25         a. fly                            c. flying

b.flies                           d. flied


  1. a. crash                         c. crashed

b. crashes                      d. crashing


  1. a. am                            c. are

b. is                              d. be


  1. a. is                              c. be

b. am                            d. are


Read the text to answer questions 29 to 31.


The International System of Units is a system of units that are practical to use in the laboratory. They are commonly referred to as SI units, from the initials of the French words Système International. The SI unit of electrical current is the ampere (amp), which is defined as 0.1 abamperes. The SI unit of electrical quantity is the coulomb, the amount of electricity passing a given point in a circuit in 1 second when a current of 1 ampere is flowing. The volt (V) is the SI unit of potential difference. It is equal to 100 million abvolts and can be defined as the potential difference existing between two points when 1 joule (10 million ergs) of work is required to move 1 coulomb of electricity from one of the points to the other. The SI unit of electrical work is the watt. It represents the generation or use of electrical energy at the rate of 1 joule per second. The kilowatt is equal to 1000 watts.


Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2007. © 1993-2006


29.  A system of units that are practical to use in     the laboratory is called … .

  1. standard of system units
  2. an ampere of system units
  3. international system of units
  4. standard of measurements


30.  What is the SI unit of electrical work?

a.   the voltage           c.  the energy

b.   the electricity        d.  the watt

31. It’s a picture of …

a.   Electrical volt

b.   Electrical work

c.   Electrical energy

d.   Electric meters



32. The SI unit of electrical quantity is the coulomb, the amount of electricity passing a given point in a circuit in 1 second when a current of 1 ampere is flowing.

The underlined word means …

a.   the quantity       c.  the equal

b.   the quality         d.  the degree


Read the following text and answer the questions!




From no. 33 to 35 answer the questions based on the text above


  1. 33. Where is Asterix from ?
    1. England                                     c. Spain
    2. France                                      d. Germany


  1. 34. Who does he fight?
    1. His friends                     c. The Romans
    2. The villagers                  d. Superman


  1. 35. What is Getafix’s job?
    1. A magician                    c. farmer
      1. A  menhir carver            d. head of  villagers


  1. Where/they/ go/ swimming/?. The correct question from the jumbled word is…
  2. Where do go swimming you?
  3. Where you go swimming?
  4. Do you go swimming where?
  5.  Where do you go swimming?


37.                   Teacher            :  Your classroom is very dirty.      Keep clean the classroom!

Students      :  Yes, Sir.

The dialogue above means students have to …

  1. clean the board
  2. sweep the floor
  3. tidy up the room
  4. throw the rubbish


38. The instruction for this picture

means …

  1. Don’t show your teeth
  2. Don’t bite your finger
  3. Don’t keep your smile
  4. Don’t open your mouth


39. What is the right answer for this statement?

Don’t … the spoonful of acid solution into the


a.   pour                  c.  pouring

b.   poured              d.  pours


Read the back to school shopping list to answer the questions 40 to 42.

No Name of thing Quantity
1 book 2 dozen
2 bag 1 piece
3 crayon 1 pack
4 ruler 1 piece
5 shoe 1 pairs
6 shock 1 pairs
7 Pencil 2 pieces
8 pen 2 pieces
9 uniform 3 pairs
10 hat 1 piece


40.       What is the function of the list above?

a.   To pay things that we want to buy.

b.   To write things that we want to buy.

c.   To remind things that we want to buy.

d.   To memorize things that we want to buy.


41. How many books does the writer want to buy?

a.   21                     c.  23

b.   22                     d.  24


42.There _________ some beautiful parks

in    Paris

  1. Is                   c.Are

b. am                         d. isn’t

Read this poem to answer questions 43 to 45.


Everybody waits for the play

They want it night and day

No matter how much they pay

As it makes them happy As far as foot can walk Children – parents are fond of

On the road and square they match Till the sun is red in west.

43. Who likes football?

a.   children             c.  parents

b.   adult                 d. children – parents


44.       Where do they play?

a.   On the road and square.

b.   On the field and square.

c.   On the hall and square.

d.   On the stadium and square.


45. What time do they end their play?

a.   night and morning.

b.   night and day.

c.   night and afternoon.

d.   night and mid day.


From no. 46 to 48 complete the dialogue below!

Mrs. Haris          : Excuse _______(46).

Librarian           : Sure. What can I do for you?

Mrs. Haris          : I forget to return the book today.

Librarian           : OK, don’t ________(47) to return it tomorrow.

Mrs. Haris          : Sure I promise.

Librarian           : It’s okay.

Mrs. Haris          : _________(48) very much.














  1. a. me                               c. you

b. I                                  d. we


47     a. forgetting                      c. forget

b. forgot                          d. forgetful


  1. a. Ok                   c. thank you

b. Thank              d. all right

  1.  There _________ a beautiful picture in

my     class room

a.Is                                   c. am

b.Are                                d. aren`t

50. Say  the right time!

  1. It’s five to ten o’clock
  2. It’s five past fifty minutes
  3. It’s ten to five o’clock
  4. It’s four past ten minutes




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